Maggie's Tantra 

Spiritually Awakening Massage


Maggie takes time wasters and no gooders VERY seriously.  

Do NOT post anything anywhere about your time with her. No boards! No chat rooms! Nada nothing. 

Maggie's privacy is just as important as yours. Treat it as such. 

Verification site: 

For new clients and anyone who has never had this type of work before, it is important you understand the nature of this work. It can be deep and sensitive. It's important you are honest with Maggie so she knows who you are. That being said, in order to see her, she must inquire of your identity. In order for all appointments to go smoothly and for both of us to be at ease there is certain information required of you. This includes one or more of the following. 

  1. Member of P411
  2. Provide 2-3 provider references from reputable, well reviewed providers. Maggie will need providers name along with her email, contact number and or website. You MUST include providers email and phone number. Do NOT just provide her name. Maggie has no way of contacting her without an email or phone number. 
  3. Work or travel information - a website with a bio and/or picture of you, a company website directory, a work email or some other means of verifying your work information. 
  4. LinkedIn account (with picture)
  5. An airline ticket or stamped passport with drivers license is a last minute solution.  

Maggie is merely trying to protect herself and you from potential problems. Keep in mind providers want to make the appointment too but we also have an interest in safety and discretion. Verification process is an absolute necessity that should not be negotiated away. Do not contact Maggie asking to be an exception. 

Bottom Line: Treat providers like professionals because we are professionals. 

Thank you for your understanding

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