Maggie's Tantra 

Spiritually Awakening Massage

Please read these Faq's carefully

1) Where are you located? Newark Delaware 19702. Out Call to SELECT men, women, and couples who Maggie already has an established trusting relationship with. Once day, time and length of session is agreed upon, directions to her studio will be provided two days prior to your appointment. 

2) What are your hours? 
     Monday-Friday 9am-8pm (last appointment scheduled at 8)
     Saturdays-usually open and flexible
     Occasional Sundays at Maggie's discretion

Do not request an appointment after business hours. Your email will be disregarded. Read all pages of this website in it's entirety before making contact with Maggie.

On occasion Maggie may be able to accommodate you as early as 8:30 am or as late as 9pm. This depends on several things. It depends on how many clients Maggie has had throughout her day as well as your respect towards her, personally and professionally. On going clients will have precedence over new ones. 

3) What are your age requirements? 25 and over. 

4) Do you accept credit cards?  Once we have built a trusting relationship, with Maggie's discretion, she will consider accepting credit cards. This does NOT mean after your first session with her. 

5) Do you offer mutual massage/touching? Yes and no. Please read for understanding. 
     Maggie offers mutual massage. Read services page. She will never compromise her well being and safety. When you have her highest regard in place personally and professionally sessions will go smoothly. No touching without consent. 

6) Do you do deep kissing? No, Maggie is not your GFE or escort. 

7) Do you have longer sessions? Yes. Maggie offers an all day (6 hours) excursion.  Read services page. 

8) What do you do in longer sessions? This depends on the purpose of why you seek Tantra. Tantra is a technique which utilizes the senses. It is meant to ease the mind, relax into self, and becoming aware of self.  Eye Gazing, Spooning, Guided meditation, use of Tibetan Bowls, teaching about the Charkas, teaching yoga moves, using colors, silk caressing your body, are all examples that can be added into longer sessions. 

9) How will you be dressed when I arrive for my session? Maggie will be in normal everyday clothes, just like you. 

10) Can I call you? Calls and texts are used to schedule, cancel or reschedule appointments. Do not call just to chat. Last minute cancels/reschedules incur a fee. No shows are intolerable and Maggie will not set aside time with you again. All no shows will be listed on a National Black List Forum. Questions that are sexual in nature will be disregarded and deleted. Do not ask questions that are sexual in nature in any written format: such as email and text. It is a sign of disrespect to the Goddess. This website was created specifically to inform on how Maggie works her business. 

11) Do you offer prostate massage? No 

12) Do you have a shower facility? Yes, inform Maggie if you will need shower

13) Can you send me pictures? Absolutely NOT. Asking for pictures is a sign of immaturity and disrespect to the Goddess. 

14) Do you ever date your clients? A big resounding NO. Do not ask to spend time with Maggie outside of your service unless you are willing and capable of compensating. Companionship is not a girlfriend experience, nor considered an escort service. Companionship is two people getting together, spending time with each other in a friendly close way. Treat Maggie like a lady, a queen, enjoy spoiling her with a day spa adventure, watch her smile, laugh, roll her enticing eyes, her walk, her aura. Because we live in a dominately led physical world, we all have and need jobs to pay our bills. Therefore companions need to assign a donation for our time. Maggie is very cautious and will choose her companions wisely. She will not spend time with you if you are looking to "get" or "take" something from her. Compensating Maggie for her time does not mean you are buying her to perform certain things for or with you. Being in the flow requires getting out of selfish physical desires and into our inner self so that we can work from a place that allows BOTH parties to feel safe and at ease.  

Touch IS a Powerful Healing Tool