Maggie's Tantra 

Spiritually Awakening Massage


Place donation fanned out in clear view on table before session starts.

When you arrive please take a quick shower or wash your hands before session begins. 

If you smoke, Maggie would greatly appreciate refraining from smoking prior to appointment. 

Maggie is so sick and tired of men who show disrespect towards her when clients no show. It's rude. It's immature. It's not nice. It IS WRONG! We uphold ZERO tolerance. How the fuck do you think you would feel if your boss decided to not pay you for a days work, a weeks work, an entire month? The shit I and Maggie have to deal with ........ really, do any of you actually stop to think? It's called financial rape. From now on a major cc will be required to book time with Maggie. This way if you no show, your card will be charged the FULL amount of scheduled time. This includes add ons. If you cancel giving less than 24 hrs notice FULL amount is charged. Your card will be charged 50% of the scheduled time with Maggie on all services. Maybe now the real serious ones who want to be in Maggie's presence will schedule.  

 No matter what you do for a living, no matter who you are, how little or how much money you make, a loss is a loss. And weather you like it or not, women who are in this business, (Yes IT IS A BUSINESS-weather they do just a body rub, tantric massage or even an escort) they most definitely should be compensated for the missed time when you, the client, lacks making up for the lost time. You may not like it when you have to pay the bank late fees, or your doctor for cancel fees, but you have a problem making right your dues when you schedule time with us?! Women provide you much more value than any bank or doctor. The very least you can do is make GOOD on your time with Maggie or ANY provider you spend time with. If you are reading this and have been guilty of this, send Maggie and/or the other provider that missed dues. If we cancel on you, we do not owe you. Just like your doctor doesn't owe you. 

Show courtesy by calling Maggie if you are running early or behind. If you are running late and Maggie has the time to provide you what you scheduled she will.  

Do not request or make demands of  “more” services. They will be disregarded. Individuals who are time wasters will be listed on a National Black list forum. Ones who don't answer Maggie's questions, answer one and not another by going back and forth with email tag, expect more than what she offers, attempt to lure her into doing things she says no to. No means NO. 

DO NOT POST REVIEWS ANYWHERE. The next sentence is to be taken seriously: Maggie does not give you permission to post any review anywhere on the internet, nor discuss what goes on in any session with anyone, including other providers. Do you know what Spiritual rape means? Do you know what going against someones will means? Do NOT post reviews anywhere means exactly that. What happens in a session is sacred....always.  If you want to speak about what you received, speak about the effects it has had on you. Not details of session. If you chose to go against those wishes ......... then you must not about Karma

This is sad to say but true. Here is an example of immaturity from a male client. 

Him: I just saw your ad again today. What a great photo of you in pink thingy!

Me: Isn't it hot! I love that one and the one on home page. Very sexy

Him: Hot is right! Plus you have the body to pull it off!! Super sexy! I like the nude ones you posted on your old site also :)

Me: Yes they were nice. Can't do that on this site. Going to be in my area anytime soon? Would be nice to see you again.

Him: I think I saved some of those on my phone. LOL it would be nice for me run my hands all over your sexy body again. Do you still have that other site?

Me: What site are you referring to?
Him: angelhands4u.massage4body Something like that
Me: I do not have the other site. It's why I created the new one.

Him: You didn't like that I said I would love to rub my hands all over your body again, did you?

About 15-20 minutes go by and this individual responds with "sorry and yes, I'll be in your area soon. Would love to visit with you."

Me: Apology accepted okay

Him: Did I really need to apologize for saying that? Never mind. Best wishes to you. Bye
Me: What is that supposed to mean? You're the one that said sorry. I accepted.
Him: I said sorry because you clammed up after I said I would love to touch your body. I figured you didn't like that explicit talk like that.
Me: If you felt the need to say sorry then in your mind you felt the need.
Him: You don't want me to touch your body?
Me: But yes explicit talk isn't necessary and can often offend the other person. It's always best to just relax and let it go. Not necessary to keep on the same subject. Women in general will take any comment that is sexual in nature in an offended way. And the reason being is because women do not want to be viewed as sexual objects because we are not sexual objects. Doesn't matter how you met the girl or what was done in any previous encounter. It's rude and immature. Use this as a learning lesson. Don't take it personal. Besides I was busy when you text, taking care of personal matters.
Him: You went down that road not me. You said you looked "hot" and "Sexy" in that outfit. You can't pin that on me. No way.

This proves the immaturity of this individual. He does not know how to show respect towards women. I saw him one time years ago. Look guys, I run a business. I'm an intelligent woman. I don't put up with shit from anyone; men or women. There is a time and place for everything. Texting, emailing, calling me, requesting sexually inappropriate behavior is foolish. You will have a very enjoyable time when in my presence. When it comes time to contact me for future sessions, leave your ego at the door. Games not welcomed. This man wasn't a gentlemen. He wanted to turn this conversation around on me and not take responsibility for his inappropriate comments. The real gentlemen out there know what I mean and would agree what above person said is inappropriate. I know what a true gentleman looks and sounds like. He wasn't one of them. It's one thing to say I look sexy in a picture and me agree with you. It's another thing when a man continually repeats the same comment/question (i.e. You don't want me to touch your body? I would love to touch your body.) These types of comments are a form of sexual harassment and says a lot about the person. Sexual harassment doesn't exist only face to face, it also happens in emails and texts. 

When you are able to surrender (let go) you are able to receive from your experience with Maggie. You ask, "But that's why I need to come to you. To help me relax. " That is fine. There's a difference between me helping you relax and you surrendering. Sometimes with individuals I am able to help them relax as soon as they walk in my door and give them a hug. Some feel relaxed as soon as my hands touch their face. Some start to feel relaxed within the first two to five minutes. Others within fifteen minutes. But they all are able and capable of surrendering into my hands. When a client surrenders they access faith. Faith in me. Faith in my hands, that by me massaging them will help them. 

Maggie's Angel Hands For You