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Spiritually Awakening Massage

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Cancellation Policy: Be aware of Maggie's cancelation policy before contacting her for an appointment. She understands things come up and at times cancellations need to be made. However, like any business, Maggie does enforce a cancellation policy. It is simple. If you cancel on her 24 hrs before your meeting, you will be required to pay a $200 cancellation fee. NO EXCEPTIONS!! ALL appointments over two hours require a $200 non-refundable deposit.   

Interested in Maggie's services? Get in touch with her using form below and she'll get back to you as soon as possible! Your first contact with her is through email. 

Be serious upon making an appointment. Must be 25 or older.

Have all emails of references available. Maggie will not play where's Waldo all day long to verify clients. If your going to inform Maggie you have a LinkedIn, FB or any other social media site, provide a direct link. Telling Maggie you belong on social media without providing links will make this process go slower. Your name is not the only name out there in this entire world. There may be 20, 50 or even over 100 individuals with the same name. Guys, please do yourself a favor by providing direct links. 

If you have a website provide link to it. 

All no call/no show clients, clients that cause problems, time wasters, or ones that blow off appointments will be Blacklisted on a national forum. If you no show you will be emailed an invoice for ENTIRE session. Deposits are a must for longer sessions.


-Example of what your email should NOT resemble: 

"Hi, you available? I seen Jenna from NYC a few years ago. I'm on Bestgfe, but I have no posts. I don't feel comfortable with giving you my work information though. Do you do full service? When can I come? How much is it? You available right now?" 

-Other examples of what NOT to do. 

Entering one letter on employer line

Entering an invalid email or phone number

Not supplying full name or general names i.e: John Smith Jane Doe

Not supplying provider references or member ID when you inform me you are a member of one of the sites stated on verification page.

-Not providing said information requires a longer when screening. Do not request same day unless you are a current client. If it has been over a year you will need to provide all required information on contact form again.   

-Please make things as simple as possible when setting up an appointment. Include all information in the introductory email to allow for faster screening. Safety is paramount for provider as well as client. 

-A select amount of guests are seen per week. This is to prevent burnout and give the best experience possible to each precious friend. 

-Mature gentleman over 25 are welcome.

-When you receive Maggie's number do not call or text unless it concerns an appointment. 

If you need to cancel or reschedule you must call or text Maggie. Do NOT rely on email. Emails have potential of entering SPAM or your email service is not performing in a timely manner. There have been cancels where individuals are emailing and they are not going through. In order for you to know Maggie received your message CALL or TEXT.

-Posting reviews or details of our sessions together anywhere over the internet is FORBIDDEN. Posting details and any information about Maggie is not only disrespectful and a breech of privacy, it is also immature. Maggie has absolutely NO respect for a man when they act in such ways. Maggie is a high class provider. She expect a high class man. 

-NEVER give out Maggie's email or phone number to your "friends"  

-Sexual conversation and questions in email or text are not only poor taste, but considered as possible entrapment. The sender will not receive a response and will be blocked.

-Cancellations are understandable, but as stated above you MUST phone or text. No call no shows will not be rescheduled. 

-Review all rates before the appointment. Maggie does not discuss money, nor take it from your hand. Be a discreet gentleman and place donation fanned out for visible view.

-Tipping is not necessary, but always appreciated and remembered. 

Thank you for contacting me. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
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