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Maggie's Tantra Massage is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - I will do everything I can to meet your expectations. Must be 25 and over to schedule.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, I'm sure you'll be happy working with me. 

I’m Maggie, the lady who makes you steal a second glance while your driving in your car or walking down the aisle in the supermarket. You’ll be delighted at the sight of my tan smooth skin, baby doll frame, Cinderella feet and auburn locks. I work out regularly and spend most of my time writing and enjoying the outdoors. My sultry blue eyes, kissable soft lips, and exotic looks are meant to entice you. 

I am selective with whom I see. I am a full time therapist who seeks educated, affluent, distinguished gentlemen who enjoy stimulation of the mind as well. I thrive on intellectual verbal communication. My personality and interests visit both extremes. At times I can be vulnerable and quiet. Other times feisty and outspoken. I’m strong in my independence but very much enjoy a true gentleman. One who hasn’t forgotten how to treat a lady. I appreciate the affections of a man who is polite, polished and preferential.    

I provide a world class Tantra massage for the discerning gentlemen, women and couples. This has been my work since 2007. I have seen men from around the world. From top executives, CEO’s of large companies, film producers and ex professional sports players. Services are intended for anyone who is interested in growing their life beyond the physical. 

I am available to gentlemen who seek a beautiful woman but at the same time have a high regard for women. I have been told I am very intuitive. That my hands have a way of knowing what you need physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am able to transcend love into your body as I work. My hands become one with your body. They become one with the music I play. My hands are one with me. It is like feeling a rainbow pour the pot of gold on you. My clients express I feel like a piece of heaven. 

Strokes are Esalen style. If you are familiar with Lomi Lomi, Esalen came from this. These strokes are performed in a long flowing manner. It is like being loved and cared for from top to bottom. A wrapping and weaving of body parts helping you become one and whole within yourself. Tantra is about the experience. Not an anticipated sexual outcome in the means of a physical release. That may happen. That may not happen. Orgasms are the best internally before any external physical release. There are many types of orgasms. For instance a woman can have a clitoral orgasm or a vaginal orgasm. She may have one without having the other. And that’s all okay. It’s about surrendering, letting go. Allowing the flow of my hands to do their work. When a man (or a woman) is able to surrender under/into my hands, the man or woman is actually able to receive more. For some clients they feel more energized after a session. For others they may feel more relaxed after a session. This is part of what makes Tantra different. It’s about what you need Spiritually verses what you think you want physically.   

As your healer I work with your energy to help build an intense unbelievable erotic tension. Up and down, in through your body and out. A weave and flow of your natural energies. Kundalini energy. I know in moments what you need. Sometimes it is my hair as it glides over your skin or my smile when you look at me. Often it is a word I speak that lights you up inside. Or my laughter which can fill you with joy. One needs to experience Tantra, experience me in order to feel it, in order to have an understanding of this type of work. No amount of reviews can take the place of you having your own experience with me. I thoroughly enjoy what I do. It’s my passion, one of my callings.

I was born a Sensual and Spiritual woman. I exude beauty not only from my physical body but also it is the beauty from within one feels and sees while spending time with me. Please visit packages page for donations. Take your time to thoroughly read each page on this site in order to help familiarize yourself about me and my services. Thank You

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