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Cancellation Policy: Be aware of Maggie's cancelation policy before contacting her for an appointment. She understands things come up and at times cancellations need to be made. However, like any business, she does enforce a cancellation policy. It is simple. If you cancel  24 hrs before your meeting, you will be required to pay a $200 cancellation fee. NO EXCEPTIONS!! ALL appointments over two hours require a $200 non-refundable deposit. 

Singles Tantra Massage 

1 hr           200

90 min     300

2 hrs        400 

2.5 hrs     500 Requires deposit 

3 hrs        600 Requires deposit 

Full Day Excursion

6 hours 1,100 

Requires $500 deposit. No exceptions 

  Couples Tantra Massage 

 2 hrs         600 Requires deposit 

2.5 hrs      700 Requires deposit 

Shower worship  


Mutual Massage 

100 extra 90 minute minimum 

 NEW SERVICE - Light Bondage 

1 hr 250

90 minutes 400

2 hrs 500

In my light bondage a blind fold is used to cover the eyes to truly keep you guessing where and what my hands will do. It is sensual and therapeutic. Light bondage allows you to fully submit, allowing me to be in complete control. I use my hands and my body with forceful (not painful) pressure on different points on the body, such as the thighs, hamstrings, shoulders. Don't be shy. Tell me where you would like that extra pressure that excites YOU. Having this kind of work done allows additional release of built up tensions in body, especially the mind. 

Some men love to feel they are being "set free" of the confines of their own minds because they are busy doing everything within their power to control their own life circumstances; at work and at home. I use a different type of music that resonates with the lower chakras. This allows me to tap into a bondage type state. This often will require me to get on top of the table both while you are in supine (back) and prone (belly) position.  I have an ongoing client who stated to me, "It's like you've been doing this for 50 years." NOTE: In bondage work there is absolutely no touching of me unless during my work, a part of your body naturally graces mine. This should be adhered to in every session, but even more importantly, during bondage. Do not touch my sacred areas (yoni and breasts) without my permission. Doing so goes against my free will to choose. The purpose is me being in complete control. Obviously, if you do experience discomfort or pain SPEAK UP! I won't cross your boundaries. But they need to be spoken to me for me to know.  

Shower Worship

When you add shower worship to your session this will happen before massage and part of session with me. For instance, if purchasing shower worship with one hour of my time, shower worship takes place within that hour. If purchasing shower worship with 90 minutes of my time, shower worship takes place within 90 minutes.

If you are interested in Shower Worship I highly recommend ninety minutes or longer. Although a shower worship can be done within an hour, ninety minutes allows for full relaxation. There is no rush on your part or mine. 

Shower worship typically lasts twenty minutes. This service is not meant to be sexual. This is about being in a surrendering state. It can help you feel your body, the many sensations of your skin, my skin, my hands, the cloth I use to wash you. I will take my time when cleaning you so you will feel wonderful sensations throughout your body. Every part of you is washed. Very pleasing and opening for not just you, but for me as well. After shower worship you will lay face down on table where warm oil will be dripped over your body.

Mutual Massage 

Let me start out by saying what mutual massage does not mean. It does not 'automatically' give you permission to touch my breasts or yoni, my most sacred areas. If I do allow you to touch my sacred areas it does not mean you are allowed to insert any part of your body inside mine. This is a mutual massage. Period. No extras. It is very important to remember that I am not an escort service nor am I your girlfriend experience. If you are looking for that type of attention, I suggest moving on taking  your search somewhere else. 

All Day Excursion

Includesshower worship, minimum 2 hr massage, guided meditations, yab yum, spooning, light refreshments, home made meal: lunch or dinner. It may also include eye-gazing, teaching on how to give a hand yoni massage. If you have certain sexual, emotional or Spiritual issues you would like to discuss this is also your opportunity to do so. If your time with me falls into two meals, you will be expected to treat me to the evening meal at an upscale restaurant of my choosing. This service is for current clients ONLY who have seen me on numerous occasions. You must have already built a solid foundation with me.  Nor is it to be misconstrued for sexual services. NO EXCEPTIONS. I am NOT nude for the full 6 hours. 

Your payment is for my time, to be in the presence of a Goddess, to receive my touch, my embrace, my Spiritual Sensual energy. It is greatly appreciated that you do not read between the lines. If you are looking for sex remove yourself from this site. When you make an effort to research Tantra you will begin to understand it is NOT about sex! If you are sincere in wanting to learn as well as increase your level of awareness, then by all means contact me. If you are new we will start with a 90 minute or two hour Tantra massage. If you are one of my current clients that has built a foundation with me, then please email, call, or text me and we will take it from there. 

A little about Tantra

Tantra is a holistic modality based on Buddhists teachings thousands of years old. It is about connecting with the divine in yourself, another, and a union between two souls. A web and flow of sensual, sexual energies. It can happen in a sexual union, but this is not necessarily the full experience. As with many things, such as love, if you do not fully love yourself, you simply are not capable of loving another at 100 %. 

Each session may not be like your last because each of us goes through emotions day to day. I will help you in this journey. I am here as a guide, mentor, healer and confident. I have clients who have seen me since 2007. They have seen me grow personally and professionally. They have respect and honor towards me. Obviously they enjoy spending time with me because we get along and I'm very good at what I do. So..........

Do NOT ask to negotiate gifts. Do NOT ask for explanation of services. If you wish to spend more time together than intended, please be sure to increase your donation to match the gift level we reach. If you arrive late full payment is expected as I have blocked out time just for you. If I have time to accommodate I will. 

Please do not offer to buy me dinner or to just hang out without compensating me for my time. I might absolutely love spending time with you but please remember that this is a business and I prefer to keep it that way. If you would like more time with me consider signing up for a Full Day Excursion.



Expect nothing but the best tantra massage when you spend time with Maggie. Having very soft skin, a smooth body and strong hands she can soothe your soul and ease your mind.